Saturday, October 30, 2010

Elvis feeds a coyote chasing dog

This is another photo from Elvis John Brassfield's Brassfield-Hunt memories album. Captioned "Elvis and dog S.D. - dog chased coyotes" on the front side. On the reverse it says "Elvis Brassfield feeding dog who chased coyotes S.D. ranch."

The Brassfields lived near Fairfax, South Dakota in the early 1920s before moving to Cherokee, Iowa between April 1923 and June 1924. Other photos show chickens on the ranch, so it was probably necessary to have a dog to chase off predators.

In this post he was wearing the same hat.

Elvis John Brassfield (1920-2006) was the son of Thelma Sarah (Hunt) and Floyd Gipson Brassfield.