Monday, November 1, 2010

An interesting group photo

This group photo was in the Brassfield-Hunt memories album. Unfortunately it is not captioned. It appears to have Nellie Belle (Bates) Brassfield in the back row, left side. Another photo labels the man in front of her as her husband Elvis H. Brassfield. I hate to dispute that, but the man to the right of her seems to greatly resemble her son Floyd, so my first guess for Elvis H. would have been the man to the right of Nellie. See yesterday's photo and compare for yourself. Nellie and Elvis had 3 sons, Clarence, Floyd and Adrian. Elvis H. Brassfield died in 1904 and Adrian Brassfield was born in 1902, so that could be Elvis H. at left with Adrian on his lap, but it's all guesswork at this point.

Maybe this photo is some of the Bates relatives. I still have photo albums to look through, so I'll keep trying to figure out who is who.

On a side note, I'd like to point out that on November 1, 1873, Nellie Belle Bates was born in Sergeant Bluff, Woodbury County, Iowa.