Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Floyd Gipson Brassfield Family in Lake City 1926

Floyd Gipson Brassfield and his family moved to Lake City, Iowa around 1926. This photo was taken after the move and is captioned only 1926. It is Irene, Thelma, Elvis, Floyd and Betty Brassfield in front of Middleton house on South street in Lake City. I'm assuming they rented the house from someone named Middleton and the for sale sign just behind them appears in several photos even a year later. Behind them are some plants that are trying to climb some strings similar to the ones in the Cherokee, Iowa photo.Also notice the truck at the right. Floyd operated a trucking company after moving to Lake City, so I thought I should leave that in the photo.

This photo presented a unique problem. It was a bit crooked and I had to rotate it 5 degrees, but then I would have had to crop out some of the minor details like the truck in the background on the right and things at the top. So, instead of doing that, I used the clone tool and filled in a large blank area of grass at the bottom right so I could keep the detail on the right side. Here are the two photos, the top one is the rotated and cloned image, the bottom one is the original. You can see the grass area at bottom right is fake and wasn't in the original photo.At this resolution you can't really tell, but I didn't blend the area in, so you can make out the line if you look closely.