Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mason and Daisy Ross at Omaha Municipal Airport

This one doesn't have a caption as far as I know, but I'm making a command decision and identifying it as Mason Ross (1892-1908) and Daisy Barham-Ross (1890-1972) at Omaha Municipal Airport c.1950s. It's from my Grandmother's box of slides and I think this one was from Aunt Mary Ross-Gillespie's slides. The old municipal airport in Omaha was a red brick structure, so I'm fairly confident on the caption. Let me know if you think I messed up on it.

Mason and Daisy probably made the trip from Lake City, Iowa to Omaha to pick up or drop off Ward and Mary Gillespie flying to or from Arizona. I also noticed the family in the background of the photo, I think they may have just stepped into the frame during the photo. In the high-res scan you can read "CIPAL AIR P" above the door in the upper left corner.


  1. Hi! You don't know me from Adam. I was looking up information on Hanford Airlines out of Sioux City, when I came across this picture. You are absolutely right, that is the old main terminal of Omaha Municipal Airport in East Omaha where Eppley Airfield is now. Fun picture!
    Mark D. Budka Lincoln (formerly of Omaha), Nebraska

  2. Thanks for the info! It was an educated guess, but I'm glad I was right...